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Extreme Team Rwanda and Ethiopia

Team members were made up of people from 3 countries Left to right: Kathy, Gelebo, Brian, Glenda, Bobby, Andrea, Kelly, Derartu, Olivier Missing – Vince (In Ghana), Mersea and Shife, Ralph (taking picture)


Teams from Ethiopia and Rwanda visited the south site nursery to see the progress

High school

In July and August 2011, Wayne King,one of the Hopethiopia co-founders will lead an Education team to Ethiopia. They will be involved in a variety of Education teaching and outreach events as well as orphan care and community building projects.

Hot spring in Volcanic crater

Hopethiopia will soon be sending the Extreme team to the project site in Ethiopia. The team will continue the efforts of Hopethiopia to build relationships with the local community as well as to do a number of “firsts” with youth. They will hike into a Volcanic Crater at 10,500 feet and camp overnight at the [...]


A Rwanda mission team is about to leave Canada to continue the current project work in Rwanda. Glenda and Ralph, two of the co-founders of Hopethiopia will be joined by a Canadian mission team to work with street youth and adults, assist the “Home of Hope”, and to continue with the completion of the international [...]

Softball Champions

Hopethiopia will be involved in hosting and playing in a Softball Tournament on June 3rd 2011 to June 5th 2011 in Calgary Alberta Canada. For more information check out the link

Hopethiopia has started incorporating solar energy in the reforestation and village building projectsHopethiopia goes Solar

New construction at North Site Project

Wooden frameworks

Reforestation workers at the south site nursery work hard to construct the protective wooden lattice framework that will protect the newly growing seedlings.


The team travels out from Wolisso to interact with the people in the community. While travelling along the road to Wenchi crater the team stops at a World Vision sponsored site to play with the local children. The team shows off all their creations while having fun with the kids. In just a few minutes [...]