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Hopethiopia has started incorporating solar energy in the reforestation and village building projectsHopethiopia goes Solar

New construction at North Site Project

Painting the High School 3

Here are a few more pictures from the community mission teams painting efforts.

Prayer Team 2

The community mission team was able to walk and pray over most of HOPEthiopia’s land.¬† The following pictures give you an idea of what their day was like.


The prayer team from Addis joined us in Harbu Chulule for 3 days. They came to pray for the land, the people, and our team. It was a great experience to participate together in the restoration of the community.


The following pictures are from the elementary sports camp the community missions team organized.

Kids in Ethiopia

Hello again, friends and family of HOPEthiopia! Having spoke with the team last night, I am please to inform you that they are alive and well, and having a blast!  Thus far, they have reforested several plots of land, conducted a workshop at a local high school (with more than 100 participants!), and painted several [...]

Shiffay with orphanes

Hello friends and family of HOPEthiopia! Jennifer Kohlhammer (formerly Jennifer Dubienski) here…Ralph & Glenda’s oldest daughter. I am writing to inform you of the most recent adventures of the HOPEthiopia team, as internet is apparently hard to come by where they are. After arriving safe and sound in Ethiopia this past weekend, the team of [...]


From: Ralph and the team Hello to all the partners and encouragers for Hopethiopia, This is a note to let you know that the Community team departs today and will be in Ethiopia on Sunday morning. Please keep us in your prayers as per the prayer request card sent earlier. If all goes well we [...]


A volunteer mission team will leave Calgary on July 16th 2010. They will spend 2 weeks working in Harbu Chulule, the main project site for Hopethiopia, working on issues such as: Education and leadership training, orphan assistance,sports camps, building a library, painting the health centre, developing the north project site, reforestation, community development etc.