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Gifts of Hope 2011

Hello to all our partners and encouragers, This has truly been an amazing year for Hopethiopia both in Ethiopia and Rwanda. So many things have happened to improve the lives of many people and communities and we are extremely grateful for all your support, prayers, and encouragement. It is also incredible to see how relatively [...]

Bullet holes

The team visited genocide memorial sites to gain an understanding of the history of what happened in 1994 and to see the incredible restoration that has occurred.

Kigali hills

The Hopethiopia team landed in Kigali, Rwanda to take part in a variety of projects over a 2 week period. Rwanda, is a beautiful lush country and is known as the “Land of a thousand hills”.  


The Building team has been able to start work on the very first Childrens home. The home is being built using Hydraform interlocking bricks, a dry stacking technique that is quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive. The whole community joined in the project and was so excited to see the walls going up. This first home [...]

Prayer Team for Community Mission Trip

Hi All, I am sending this email out to you to let you know about the next Hopethiopia mission trip. On our mission trips a vital component is that of prayer covering and since this is the very first real mission trip that we are taking to Ethiopia I feel that it is particularly necessary. [...]