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In an effort to assist with local transportation of people and goods Hopethiopia is working on plans to help local people set up a small business whereby they can use bicycles with sturdy mounted racks. This concept is very popular in Rwanda and thus we are trying to introduce the same idea in Ethiopia One [...]

Vanessa building

While in Ethiopia on the last mission trip in May and June 2013 the team worked hard on preparing some new garden projects. The team was able to use some of the Hydraform bricks that are built onsite at out brick building facility and then build a Garden next to the water distribution centre as [...]


For a number of years Hopethiopia has been working alongside the local and regional governements to help expand the Harbu Chulule school system. Two years ago school stopped at grade 10 and there was little opportunity for students to progress beyond this level. With lots of effort form many different parties Hopethiopia was able to [...]

K and D

Acum bolte! How do  you ever start to explain  the experience that we have gone through in the past five weeks as we have visited and served the people of the African countries of Ethiopia and Rwanda. Both countries have gone through tremendous hardship and turmoil having to deal with the after effects of  a [...]


While on the mission project in Ethiopia the team spent some time with the Hopethiopia sponsored scout troop in Harbu Chulule. The team had fun hosting the scouts for an afternoon of games and fun, a camp fire with songs along with lots of treats. The scouts then took the team to show them a [...]

Rwanda 8

The last mission team in May and June of 2013 was able to do some significant outreach events in both Ethiopia and Rwanda. The team held a sports camp and day of events for the sponsored families in Harbu Chulule , Ethiopia. Lots of fun was had with the women and children and lots of [...]


Hello to all Hopethiopia supporters and encouragers, Glenda and I are now back in Africa. Glenda landed in Kigali, Rwanda this last Thursday and I arrived back in Addis earlier on today. Summer is in full bloom over here and it was good the feel the sun and heat. I met up with the mission [...]

Volunteer home

Update 3   From Ethiopia Hello to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers. Things have been very busy in Ethiopia with lots of activities at our different projects. Here are some details: Volunteer home: – wow it is amazing to see how things are taking shape. It is pretty big especially for Ethiopian standards. Lots of local [...]


Hello to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers, I thought that I would send all of you the latest update from what is going on. I spent the last week with Glenda in Rwanda and we had a wonderful time connecting with our local team, friends, and the sponsored families that are being taken care of [...]


Update 2 from Ethiopia Dear Hopethiopia partners and encouragers, Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragements. It has been a very short but very mission trip. Today is the last day and we will be spending the day back onsite in Harbu Chulule. This last weekend we travelled to Prayer Mountain in Southern [...]