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For a number of years Hopethiopia has been working alongside the local and regional governements to help expand the Harbu Chulule school system. Two years ago school stopped at grade 10 and there was little opportunity for students to progress beyond this level. With lots of effort form many different parties Hopethiopia was able to [...]


Hello to All friends and encouragers of Hopethiopia, We at Hopethiopia want to announce an exciting Global Contest called “Gardens of Hope”. We need your help. Each of our Orphaned Children’s homes will have a small garden for each home. and we would like you, your friends, and contacts to enter this contest to come [...]

Solar on home 1

Update 2  From Ethiopia Hello to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers. Things have been very busy in Ethiopia with lots of activities at our different projects. Here are some details: Volunteer home:  Construction of the foundation goes really well. The main foundation walls are now completed. The home is taking shape and looks good. It [...]


Hello to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers, I thought that I would send all of you the latest update from what is going on. I spent the last week with Glenda in Rwanda and we had a wonderful time connecting with our local team, friends, and the sponsored families that are being taken care of [...]

Steep hill

Hi to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers, I have now been back for a few days in Ethiopia. Hot and dry and not a snowflake in sight.  The turn around on this trip has been very quick with a wonderful opportunity for our Ethiopian team to be here for the Prayer Mountain gathering in Ambaricho [...]

Run of Hope Ad 2012

Once again excitement builds as we are getting closer to the 2012 Run of Hope. This will be the second year for this international run to help raise funds for some of our many projects in Ethiopia and Rwanda. For pledge forms please download from this link Run Of Hope 2012 Pledge form


One of the unique adventure opportunities that Melanie, Lindsay, and Sarah got to experience was that of hiking into Wenchi crater. A volcanic crater where the hike starts at an altitude of 10,500 feet. The team dropped about 4000 feet down to the hot springs that are found just below Wenchi lake Everyone then took [...]


The Building team has been able to start work on the very first Childrens home. The home is being built using Hydraform interlocking bricks, a dry stacking technique that is quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive. The whole community joined in the project and was so excited to see the walls going up. This first home [...]

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Hopethiopia is very glad to share this beautiful charity calendar with the world. Painted Pony Petroleum of Calgary , Canada, in association with extraordinary artist Paul Van Ginkel, have produced a beautiful Charity calendar with all proceeds of donations going to Hopethiopia. To find out how to donate funds to receive a calendar please contact [...]


The first ever “Run of Hope” was a great success in both Calgary, Canada and in Ethiopia. Participants had the opportunity to Run, walk, or skate distances of 1km, 2km, 6km, or 10km. Hopethiopia would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, and sponsors that made this such a fun and worthwhile event.