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The Women of the Hopethiopia / Rwanda “Hearts of Hope” team get to spend some time with the youn boys at the House of Hope. These young boys are being cared for in a wonderful way and it was great to meet again with the ministry leader Emmanuel. He has  a great ministry reaching out [...]


Once again the Hopethiopia team had the great pleasure of visiting Iwawa island. This island is a beautiful paradise setting that exists to rehabilitate young men in Rwanda that are struggling with many issues such as addiction and petty crimes. The almost 2000 men on the island learn a variety of trades to help in [...]


Today, Feb 10th, the Hearts of Hope team left for Rwanda. The team will join Glenda in Rwanda to begin the process of setting up a Womens cooperative project. They will spend the next few weeks mentoring, training, and encouraging a group of women along with their children in Rwanda.

REELA 002-1

Rilla and Kiersti are now living onsite in the community of Harbu Chulule, Ethiopia and getting involved in the many areas of daily life. They are concentrating on helping out with education and reforestation to start with and then will assist in the many areas on community involvement.


Kiersti and Rilla get to Ethiopia Finally after their travels through Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda the girls have now arrived in Ethiopia where they will work with the Hopethiopia projects for the next few months. They will concentrate on education and reforestation as well as the many other opportunities that will present. They are super excited [...]

Gifts of Hope 2011

Hello to all our partners and encouragers, This has truly been an amazing year for Hopethiopia both in Ethiopia and Rwanda. So many things have happened to improve the lives of many people and communities and we are extremely grateful for all your support, prayers, and encouragement. It is also incredible to see how relatively [...]

Dr Asrat

Truly some amazing things happened in the community of Harbu Chulule, Ethiopia. Dr. Asrat, and Ethiopian cataract surgeon, completed the first ever Hopethiopia sponsored eye surgery clinic. Below is a summary of what happened. 1.      Friday December 9, 2011; went to Harbu-Chulule and arranged the setup of the operating room, cleaning the room, sterilizing equipment/drapes [...]

Brick 4

A few weeks ago the foundation was completed for the brick building facility. These bricks will be used to build the many orphaned children homes, our volunteer and mission centre, and the many other project facilities that will be required. The last few days we started the shelter construction which should be completed within a [...]

Eye 4

Hopethiopia starts their first ever Eye Surgery clinic – When the mission team conducted the health clinic 2 weeks ago with Dr. Asrat, a very gifted Ethiopian ophthalmic surgeon, we identified 30 patients that would require eye surgery.  Two days ago we returned to the project community of Harbu Chulule to start the cataract and [...]

Bullet holes

The team visited genocide memorial sites to gain an understanding of the history of what happened in 1994 and to see the incredible restoration that has occurred.