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Wayne at FBI Church in Addis Ababa

While in Addis, Wayne King had the opportunity to speak at FBI church and give them an update about Hopethiopia.

Development Teams Progress

Wayne and Sisay met with Ethiopian Government officials including the Charities and Societies department. They also spent time at the Selam Children’s village technical centre and were able to order bricks for the new homes and will soon purchase a brick making machine for Hopethiopia.

Wayne King meets with Ato Melese in Harbu Chulule

Great news comes today from Wayne in Ethiopia. Hopethiopia now has official iNGO status in Ethiopia as of June 1st 2010!  Our sincere thanks go out to everyone supporting HOPEthiopia.

Development team working with Ethiopian children

Wayne King and Sisay Abera have just arrived in Ethiopia to work on a few significant projects for Hopethiopia. They will finalize the details for obtaining out iNGO status as well as work on plans for developing the brick making facility, agricultural garden, and the north site reforestation nursery.

HOPEthiopia’s South Site Nurseries

One of the main cornerstones of the Hopethiopia project is that of Reforestation. We have identified a number of sites that we will be setting up reforestation nurseries both on the north and south land areas. President Girma had mentioned to us that there should be some previous government nurseries available that might suit our [...]