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Diary notes for Hopethiopia Community Team July 2010 Sun July 18th Arrival at airport smooth with no hassles, arrives at approx. 7:30 am and checked through security at approx. 8:00am Currency maximum is now $3,000.00 per person, more must be declared All bags arrived, presented bag tags on leaving the arrivals area Bags were checked [...]

April 2010 Hopethiopia Mission Trip Review The following document gives a review of the mission trip details and findings from April 15th – April 27th 2010. April 15th 2010 Departure from Calgary. Called to confirm my booking on Air Canada and was informed that my flight had been cancelled later that evening due to the [...]

Hi to all our friends, family, and those interested in the activities of what has been happening with Hopethiopia and the survey team. I have just returned from Ethiopia and flew in via Rome and London on May 16th. Almost all of my time I was out of contact being in some very remote areas [...]