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Steep hill

Hi to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers, I have now been back for a few days in Ethiopia. Hot and dry and not a snowflake in sight.  The turn around on this trip has been very quick with a wonderful opportunity for our Ethiopian team to be here for the Prayer Mountain gathering in Ambaricho [...]


Ralph returned to Ethiopia for the first mission trip of  2013. Things are moving along quickly and there is lots of excitement in the community. Here are a few details of what has been going on. Volunteer home construction has started.  The plan will be for the Hopethiopia teams to live onsite and thus we [...]

Sidissie and family

Our local Hopethiopia team spent the day working in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. First we had a meeting with President Girma, which is always a very special occasion. He lives and works out of the palace that is in the heart of the city. He had just received an honorary doctorate and [...]

New reforestation land

Update 1 from Ethiopia I am now back in Ethiopia and we are into full summer mode – hot and super dry with not a cloud in the sky. I arrived early Sunday morning and had an excellent day with our national Hopethiopia team. Went to church in the morning and then visited a few [...]


Finally a great day arrives at the Hopethiopia project site as power arrives with the transformer being hooked up to the new grid


Ralph had the great pleasure of connecting with a sponsored family in Harbu Chulule. They were very grateful to receive the gifts sent by their sponsor.

Gold Medal Olympians Tirunesh Dibaba and Meseret Defar

So, I’m off to Rwanda again for the purpose of further relationship building, follow-up of sponsored beneficiaries, and taking care of year-end administrative issues. The journey was tedious, as the airport in London was very busy with its post-Olympic frenzy. A quiet spot was nowhere to be found during my 9 hour layover in Heathrow. [...]


It is with great joy that Hopethiopia has been able to launch the “Widow Sponsorship” program in Harbu Chulule, Ethiopia. Our first family has 5 children ranging in age from 1 year old to 13 years old. They are a wonderful family but facing a very desperate situation. We will be providing them with monthly [...]

Athletes for Hope – May 2012 Play hard; pray hard; praise hard; love hard After touring several genocide memorials and getting grounded in Rwanda, Athletes for Hope arrived in Gisenyi to work alongside Frère Gabriel Lauzon at Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle. The plan was to lend strong arms and backs to a work project that needes [...]


Today the students from Harbu Chulule were able to tour Addis Ababa sites and businesses. Hopethiopia hosted students on the second annual tour of important sites in Addis The students had a great time as we visited important sites very significant to the Ethiopia history The students had an excellent visit at the Commercial Bank [...]