Ethiopian New Year Sep 2015

Once again we are back in Rwanda and Ethiopia and all is going well.

The Hopethiopia Run of Hope just took place this last weekend and it was amazing. Most of you that participated had excellent weather and the turnout was quite astounding. The Run brings awareness to Ethiopia and Rwanda, the projects that Hopethiopia is involved in, and of course helps raise some funds. This year we held the run in:Calgary, Edmonton, Steinbach, Toronto, Kiel Germany, Auckland New Zealand, Perth Australia, Mozambique,, and Ethiopia and Rwanda. Bigger and better next year and if you have any contacts in other cities or countries that might want to host the Run please let us know. A great many thanks to all of you around the world that participated and made this a success.

The rainy season is finishing here in Ethiopia and the landscape is amazing. Bright yellow “Addis” flowers are everywhere. With the end of the rains we can continue our building projects and we will be working on another children’s home, the trades training centre, and a cookhouse for clusters 1 and 2..

Our next mission team from MMI Canada (Medical Ministries International Canada) arrives on Sunday with Opthalmic surgeons and eye care specialists joining the team. The outreach, surgeries, and training will be massive. So far Hopethiopia has done more than 1,000 cataract surgeries over the last 3 years… all for free. As you can imagine this makes a massive impact on the community particularly when many of the patients have been totally blind for years and can see the next day. Lives are changing and hope is returning. I will also conduct another dental surgery clinic with my team as well.

Glenda also flies in from Kigali this weekend… Yay I get to see her again! She always has such an amazing impact on our sponsored orphaned children, the house mom’s, and the rest of the community. She will be busy this time.

The beauty of Ethiopia

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