Transformation through Love

Going earlier to prepare for the arrival of the 2nd Annual Hearts of Hope Mission Team, I had an opportunity to visit with some of the beautiful women who were established in our vocational school almost a year ago. among those women is Nassim. In mid-February Nassim came down with yet another infection that was very difficult for her frail HIV-infected body to combat. But let me tell you, she never ceases to amaze us!

Judah, Hopethiopia/Rwanda’s Acting Country Director, and I paid her a surprise visit a week ago Friday, waking her from a nap. Groggy but joyful she greeted us and welcomed us into her humble abode. (N.B. You have not lived fully until you’ve received a welcome from a Rwandan who loves you!) We came with a love offering of fruit, flowers, encouragements and prayer; we left with a heartfelt, foundation-shaking blessing. If we were to measure the encouragement poured out, Nassim’s far surpassed anything we aspired to impart. Indulge me as I explain this assertion.

You see, since the genocide Nassim has been so alone, abandoned by her husband and her children killed in “the war”. Though poverty-stricken, she took in her brother’s children with the hope of being able to see them attend school in the city and be better equipped for their futures. But Kigali was not a favorable environment for them, until last year.

In February 2012 the Hearts of Hope team met her and 9 other women whom the team would launch as the pioneer group for our tailoring school. Surrounded by a community of women from similar contexts, Nassim found sisters; connected with our organization she found sponsorship, training, and people who will go out of their way to care for her. Nassim is no longer alone.

Other opportunities for her to be sponsored and trained, and her fostered children to go to school had previously presented themselves but what was promised had never been delivered … until now. Her neice and nephew are in school, her rent and food are paid for while she learns a trade … but that is not what has made the greatest impact.

According to Nassim, she had never experienced love before. What a stark reality! In her almost 5 decades of life, she had never felt loved. And then the Hopethiopia/Rwanda team began to work for her empowerment. Every visit to Nassim, whether at home or in the hospital, by our adminstration or our mission team members, revealed a level of compassionate care that surpassed her wildest dreams.

Early visits to her during this most recent hospitalization brought reports of declining health. Our staff and her friends were preparing for the worst. I must admit that before leaving Calgary I wondered if we would be burying another one of the ladies entrusted to our care. But as the baskets of nutritious food, the visits, the words of encouragement and copious amounts of prayer continued there was a noticable improvement. Nassim claimed she would not have survived without the love that was lavished upon her and with that statement she showered us with blessings that would humble even the proudest. Nassim is overwhelmingly grateful for all that God has provided her through everyone connected with Hopethiopia/Rwanda. The transformation in Nassim is extraordinary; she radiates! To be used by God to facilitate such transformation is such a privilege. Yes, we left her home blessed beyond belief.

(I must admit, I wonder what medical professionals would say to the idea that love has the potential to heal … even AIDS-related afflictions. Surely, the love of God expressed through us to Nassim has given results that are nothing short of miraculous!)

Her experience with our organization has so transformed her she asked if her dear friend, Claudine (on my left in the photo), could be a part of the next group of women in our tailoring school. Sure enough, Claudine has been chosen to be among the next ten beautiful, yet destitute women. Please, stay tuned; I will be phosting more photos of these amazing women and their children!

Sponsors are needed for this endeavor. On average, it is $100 CAD per month fo sponsor one of these ladies. I am asking that you seriously consider taking this commitment on. With quarterly visits to Rwanda there will be many opporutnities to be in “contact” with your sponsored lady (and my hope is that sponsors will consider visiting the ladies and the families they sponsor). If you’re interested in finding out more about this please contact me (Glenda) at
Beautiful Women of Nyabisindu

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