Team effort Update 3 Feb / Mar 2013

Update 3   From Ethiopia

Hello to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers. Things have been very busy in Ethiopia with lots of activities at our different projects. Here are some details:

  • Volunteer home: – wow it is amazing to see how things are taking shape. It is pretty big especially for Ethiopian standards. Lots of local workers are onsite and the back filling of the foundation is going on and soon the slab floor will be poured. The view from this location is very nice with a cluster of children’s homes to the east and rolling hills to the north. The air is very clean and healthy in Harbu Chulule and along with the organic foods many people live very long lives.
  • Finishing of home #1   Wayne and his team will arrive soon and the home is really starting to look good. Yesterday we worked hard on the solar lighting and power. We actually have some lights ion the land n the pitch black night sky. Most of the painting is complete and we need to work on the kitchen area and furniture.
  • Supply distribution – Yesterday we distributed supplies to our sponsored families. It is amazing to see how far the sponsored money goes. Each family gets Pasta, Teff (the local grain), sugar, spices, oil, and many other food supplies. They also have the children’s education paid for, some school supplies, some clothes and various other things… all for about $40.00 per month.
  • I visited the high school and Preparatory school yesterday and spent some time with the teachers. They thanked us very much for the recent scouts visit to the Palace to see President Girma. A new Preparatory school has been completed and we will help out with some of the computer supplies and electrical wiring that will need upgrading etc.
  • Deborah House – while in Addis I had the chance to visit Deborah House, a project that is sponsored by SIM to take care of girls that were kiving on the streets. I met with the house mothers, girls that live at the home, staff, and some volunteers. It was great to spend some time with them and see how their lives have been so wonderfully changed. There is now great opportunity and hope.

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