Children’s home nearing completion Update 2 Feb / Mar 2013 team

Update 2  From Ethiopia

Hello to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers. Things have been very busy in Ethiopia with lots of activities at our different projects. Here are some details:

  • Volunteer home:  Construction of the foundation goes really well. The main foundation walls are now completed. The home is taking shape and looks good. It appears to be quite big and will serve up to 20 team members that will be able to live onsite.
  • Extending the water line.  Now that Hopethiopia has a very productive water well it is now time to supply water to the volunteer home and children’s village. We are digging a trench that will take a 2 inch water line from the well to the homes. Wster should be flowing at this site later this week.
  • Scout visit:  The scouts from Harbu Chulule had an opportunity to visit Addis Ababa. They had an excellent time and details will follow later.
  • Finishing of home #1   Our first home is taking shape on the inside. Painting is almost completed and the water lines are being installed. We hope to have our next construction mission team of Wayne King and team members living  onsite and be the first people to try out the home and work out any issues that might arise. Beds are being constructed and all the supplies that one might expect are being purchased.
  • Travels to a Gadisa’s village.  Ralph and Gadisa (Hopethiopia team employee) traveled to Suphee his home  and birthplace in a remote area of SW Ethiopia about 600km away from Addis Ababa.. Gadisa has not seen his home or family for the last 5 years so this was quite an experience of reunion for everyone. I was very privileged to be allowed to join in all the family activities. There was a great sense of hospitality and joy with his homecoming..  The area is lush with lots of old growth forest with many wild animals such a number of species of monkeys in the area. It is also prime agricultural ground for growing coffee. Gadisa  was able to share a very encouraging word at his local church and there was barely a dry eye in the house after he had shared his testimony. In all it was a great visit and we covered some very unique territory.

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