Tremendous progress Update 1 Feb / Mar 2013

Hello to all Hopethiopia partners and encouragers,

I thought that I would send all of you the latest update from what is going on.

I spent the last week with Glenda in Rwanda and we had a wonderful time connecting with our local team, friends, and the sponsored families that are being taken care of by Hopethiopia / Rwanda. Tremendous progress is being made that I know Glenda will be excited to share about. The women’s team is on the way to Rwanda right now and should arrive in Kigali tomorrow afternoon.

I arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday night and true to form things have been very busy. Yesterday I traveled out to our project site in Harbu Chulule and it was extremely encouraging.

  • The volunteer house is being built at a great pace. The foundation is well underway and one can see what all the living spaces will look like. Wow its really big and will be able to house at lead 20 people right on location.
  • The brick building facility is fully operational and opened 1 month ago. We have trained our full time team of brick building workers and the 7 members are wonderful, enthusiastic, and doing an amazing job. They have produced over 2,000 bricks of exceptional strength and quality. When Wayne and his team arrive in 1 month they will be using the new bricks.
  • The water distribution facility opened this week to the delight of local people. We have a water manager that also helps take care of inventory onsite. She is managing the crowds really well and we are so excited to see all the l;coal people coming to fill up their cans with pure, fresh, water.
  • Children’s home #4 roof is being completed, foundation of 5 is done and brick laying has been started, home #1 is almost ready to occupy and we are doing finishing work and will hook up all the plumbing and purchase all the required essentials such as beds, furniture etc.
  • Tomorrow I head out to a small project that we have helped out with a solar lighting system. It was installed last week and is now fully operational.

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