Update 2 for Health and Building team

Our local Hopethiopia team spent the day working in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

First we had a meeting with President Girma, which is always a very special occasion. He lives and works out of the palace that is in the heart of the city. He had just received an honorary doctorate and degree for his support and vision for environmental protection and rehabilitation. We talked about reforestation efforts as well as a few other issues and then had the opportunity to present him with a framed print and 2013 Painted Pony Petroleum sponsored charity calendar. This calendar contains the images of 12 Ethiopians from our project area. Renowned Canadian artist, Paul Van Ginkel, painted incredible watercolor paintings of these images. President Girma was particularly impressed that the artist was able to capture the character and soul of these individuals.  Since president Girma and the Hopethiopia team are such big fans of reforestation, he presented us with a bag of  Acacia Tortilis seeds. We will grow the seedlings at our south site nursery. After an excellent meeting we made arrangements to get together at the end of the mission trip to bring an update on our efforts.

We then picked up some much needed project supplies and finally were able to get my iPhone hooked up to the 3G network.  That will allow me to be better connected which will be a real blessing.

I then had the opportunity to meet with a good friend Adanech Abebie. She is involved with the ODA – Oromia Development association which is a massive Ethiopian local NGO.  They are involved in the many aspects of community life and assistance in our area of the country.

The next day, Nov 22nd we again met with the water drilling engineers to finalize a few details. The drilling crew should be on the land in the next day or two. We then picked up a few supplies in town and then headed out to our project site.

One of the Hopethiopia sponsored families, Sidissie and some of her children

While driving out to the site area we were met by one of our sponsored families. They met us along the roadside where we were able to talk to them and pass along some supplies and gifts from their sponsor in Canada. They were ecstatic to receive these wonderful gifts of love and kindness.

While onsite history was made for Hopethiopia, I was able to send an email from the north container site back to our team in Canada. Wow what a change in technology and communication in the area over the last couple of years. In June of 2011 I made my first call ever from Canada to Melaku Kassaye, one of our director’s. Now today I was able to send an email.

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