Project progress in Ethiopia

We returned to HC for a few days of intensive work. A number of projects needed attention such as:

  • Reinforcing the support for the new water tower
  • Building a shelving system for the storage containers. Over time we have been gathering an extensive supply of building equipment and materials, this helps us to organize and keep track of what is available
  • Doing detailed GPS mapping of the perimeter boundaries of the Hopethiopia lease lands
  • Establishing the exact locations of all the future clusters of homes.
  • Realigning fencing locations.
  • Planting of specific ornamental trees that were purchased by the team.
  • Digging two large pits that will be used for compost production.
  • Marking out the location of the new volunteer home that will be constructed. Hopethiopia plans to build a mission home that will be able to accommodate up to 24 people.
  • Marking out the location of the gardens for the children’s homes. One of these gardens was started and will soon be seeded with vegetables.
  • Assembling the first ever wind turbine and tower in the Harbu Chulule area. This turbine will help with some small scale power generation and will assist us in studying with wind profile of our location.
  • Providing much needed supplies for the Harbu Chulule high school, Preparatory school, Elementary school, Kindergarten, and bibles to regional languages to local churches.

In addition to these projects we had many other meetings in the area and were able to participate in the “sports day” that was organized by Kiersti Njaa and Rilla Johnson. Kiersti is our longer term mission volunteer that has been living and working in Harbu Chulule for the last few months. She was also onsite with our other long term student resident volunteers; Rilla, David, and Janessa. Together these young Canadians made a tremendous impact on the community of Harbu Chulule in many areas.

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