Vision Team Arrives In Ethiopia

The Vision team has been in Ethiopia for a few days and lots has been accomplished in regards to planning out some of the next steps for the Hopethiopia Project.

Team members at the north project site (James taking picture)

Our team consisting of 4 Canadians, 3 from the USA, and 3 from Ethiopia spent most of the time at our different project sites in Harbu Chulule.

The US team from Church of the King in Louisiana was made up of Sam Hawkins, Samuel Hawkins, and Mike Downie.

Pastor Sam Hawkins from Louisiana, USA has a wealth of experience from numerous projects all over the globe and was able to take a very good look at the scope and vision of Hopethiopia’s involvement in Ethiopia. He was extremely encouraging, has a great deal of wisdom, and helped a lot in idea’s for the future.  Samuel Hawkins (pastor Sam’s son) is almost finished his University training in landscape architecture  and design and we had a tremendous time dreaming about what the project sites might look like. He truly is brilliant, very creative, and was able to understand the big picture.  Mike Downie, also from Louisiana, is very experienced in Fisheries and Wildlife and works for the Federal government in the USA. Mike was able to help us assess the biodiversity of our project areas and will be able to track the restoration of biodiversity of the lands over time.

The team visits the south reforestation site to get an impression of the impact of deforestation on the land.

Together with the Canadian and Ethiopian team members we were able to spend time on the land reviewing different project areas and making plans for the future. 3 of the children’s homes in the first cluster are almost now completed and we will be working on the foundations of another 4 homes to complete the design of the first cluster.

Home #2 is almost completed and ready for the roof construction.

Home #1 is complete with roof completed

We had the opportunity to visit a number of local sites to gather information about the biodiversity as well as the culture and community. We stopped in to visit some of the rural people that live in small clusters of mud and straw huts. We had a great time playing with the children and were able to see how they live in their community and what their living conditions were like.

Matt hangs out with some of the ladies at a remote village

The team hangs out at the church in Harbu Chulule

Mike and the team were continually surrounded by kids

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