Canadian girls help out the Cataract team in Ethiopia

Hopethiopia has a team of young adult Canadian students living in Harbu Chulule. Kiersti, Rilla, david, and Janessa have been able to engage in a number of different opportunities in the community ranging from education, construction, education, and health care.

In this unique opportunity, Kiersti and Rilla joined up with an amazing Ethiopian eye surgeon. Dr. Asrat is one of those rare individuals that is totally committed to helping out wherever he can in a tireless and passionate way.

Kiersti gowns up Rilla as they are about to help out with the Hopethiopia Eye Surgery clinic.

Rilla sits postoperatively with one of the patients

Hopethiopia has now conducted 4 eye examination clinics and 2 surgical clinics, with many individuals receiving the gift of sight. The response has been incredible in the small rural community of Harbu Chulule

One of the patients postoperatively thanks Rilla and the team very much for the gift of sight that has been given back to him

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