Wayne Costruction team update Mrch 30 2012

Wayne King and the team have been very busy in Ethiopia. Here is the latest update that Wayne sent so that you can get a feel for what has been going on. Please check the links to see the latest images of what has been going on.

“We arrived on Friday, March 23rd, and are making progress on 2 homes.  The team consists of the following; Theriau family (Rick, Andrea, Brendan, Mitch), Paul Ondrik , Erlyn Barraez, Josh King and myself from Calgary.  We have also brought an experienced mason (Robert) from Uganda to help with the quality of the homes.  We are also very happy that Obsa, had a break from school (Axum University) and could assist as a translator on site with Abe, Gelabo and Gadisa.  As you have seen on the photos I sent earlier in the week we, Paul was successful in installing the first toilet.  The roof has begun on the home that Ralph’s team started a few months ago.

On Wednesday, a few of us traveled to Mungistu’s (HOPEthiopia grade 12 student studying in Tulu Bolo) village.  Many of the students walk each day to school., he told us that from grade 5-8 he walked 90 minutes each way.  I of course had to see, so we drove south of Harbu Chulule until we had to exit and walk 1 hour.  We were fortunate to be able to ride out on some rented horses that Mungistu and Gadisa were able to gather, as I had run out of water.  This was amazing for Josh and Mitch to see how poor people live.  Mungistu’s mom is ill, however, she would never attend the HC medical center for fear of the cost that the family could not pay.  When I told them that HOPEthiopia would cover the check up and medication cost they were so happy and will be at the HC clinic on Friday.

Yesterday was a great start of a partnership with ESRI (Ethiopian School Readiness Initiative), an NGO from NY, USA.  I started communicating with Jeff Lynford (Board member of ESRI) last fall, and we finally met and had a great dinner last evening.  They are supporting early childhood education in Addis of some 28 schools (4,000+ children).  In the morning they had their awards ceremony, with Donald E. Booth (US Ambassador) as the keynote speaker.  HOPEthiopia was recognized in the opening speech by the founder, Dr. Irving Fish.  Dr. Fish is originally from Canada, and I had a nice dinner last evening with he and his wife.    We had 11 in attendance at the ceremony, including 3 of our brightest grade 11 students.  Our students were able to communicate to the 4 grade 12 Ethiopian students that will be soon moving to Abu Dhabi to attend the NYU satellite campus.  We are praying that some of our students will be accepted next year.  Josh and Mitch had a great time communicating at dinner with the 4 brightest grade 12 students that have been provided scholarships to NYU Abu Dhabi.  Josh was able to provide the presentation of HOPEthiopia to some 18 that attended dinner.  Andrea Theriau was able to connect with the board members from ESRI from NY.

Today, 4 of us from the team will be travelling 1 hour south of Addis to visit the pre-school and KG, that HOPEthiopia has been able to provide some support to in the past.  I am hoping that this will be one of many K-3 schools that we can use the ESRI materials.

We have 3 women that work on our project site that are widows, each of them have 3-5 children.  Our guard is taking care of 8 children as his sister and brother have passed away.   They are asking for sponsors so that their children can afford to attend school.  I will be telling them that HOPEthiopia will cover the uniform cost as well as books and shoes before I leave next week.  I have faith that a few of our supporters can help out online for this need.  I will be instructing Gadisa (HOPEthiopia social worker) to have some (20 or so) school uniforms and shoes purchased.”


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