Carrie Arrives in Ethiopia

The next team member to visit Ethiopia after the mission experience in Rwanda was Carrie. Carrie was able to spend a few extra days with Glenda in Rwanda and then had an amazing experience ministering to some of the women in the local community as well as a very sick lady in the hospital.

Carrie arrived in Ethiopia and on her first full day was taken out to the project sites in Harbu Chulule. There she got a very good overview of the north site construction and building projects and saw the nearly completed first orphaned children’s home.. The home structure is almost completed with the roof to be soon constructed..

We then traveled to the south site reforestation land where she was able to appreciate the vast need for reforestation and the impact that it will have on the surrounding environment. After viewing the beautiful river valley we visited the south site reforestation nursery to see the production of seedlings. 10 species of trees are being grown with a projected 250,000 seedlings to be planted..

We then had took a lunch break where Carrie was able to sample some authentic Ethiopian food of Enjera and fasting foods.

Then it was off to the health centre where we visited with Rilla and Janessa our Hopethiopia team members that are living onsite in Harbu Chulule. They showed us around their accommodations and then it was off to the north container site to write scriptures on popsicle sticks that would be planted in the Hopethiopia lands.

On the drive back to our motel we stopped at a local rural home made of mud and sticks  and visited with the family of 8 that lived there along with many of the extended family that came for a visit. We asked them some questions and they asked us some great questions about life in Canada, such as “did we have any farms and do we use machinery”?

The second day for Carrie was once again quite full and we started off by planting a couple of special trees that would grow and provide beauty on the land. We then walked on the entire perimeter of the land with team members splitting into two groups. The team prayed over the land and planted the scripture sticks that were written out the previous day. The day was very dry and a hot wind was blowing. At high altitude (>8000 feet) one must be careful not to get dehydrated in such conditions.. Carrie was able to get an appreciation for the location of the different home, clusters, and volunteer residences that will be built.

We then went to visit the local Full Gospel church, the high school and preparatory school, and were able to interact with many of the locals in the community. “Mama Carrie” was loved by all and a part of her hearty remained in Harbu Chulule.

Upon our return to Addis Ababa, Carrie was able to do a little shopping, be entertained at a local cultural dinner and dance, and then departed Ethiopia from Bole International airport to return to Canada.


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