Reforestation in Ethiopia

Some of the women after completing their mission joined Ralph over in Ethiopia to get an overview of the Hopethiopia projects. The women tour various sites seeing the effects of deforestation on the land.

We all gather to learn about deforestation. This massive river valley that was once dense forest has now become almost devoid of trees

Many seedlings are being planted at the Hopethiopia south reforestation site. 8 species of trees are being grown and there are plans to plant 250,000 trees this year.

Seedlings are growing in the small plastic tubes

Trestles are made to provide a protective environment from the scorching sun. Less moisture evaporates and the seedlings grow faster.

Protective trestles are found at many ouf the Hopethiopia reforestation sites.

Carrie also gets an opportunity to pray for the workers.

The reforestation workers appreciate a prayer of encouragement from Carrie

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