Hopethiopia visits Iwawa

Once again the Hopethiopia team had the great pleasure of visiting Iwawa island. This island is a beautiful paradise setting that exists to rehabilitate young men in Rwanda that are struggling with many issues such as addiction and petty crimes.

The welcome sign to Iwawa

The almost 2000 men on the island learn a variety of trades to help in their rehabilitation.

The men exhibit their skills in masonry using both conventional bricks as well as the interlocking Hydraform bricks that Hopethiopia uses in the Ethiopia construction projects

Tailoring and sewing skills are taught to the men. They show great accuyracy in their talents.

Carpentry and basic wood work are also taught as a practical skill.

The team even get in on the action as Glenda and Lindsay show off their creativity.

Glenda shows off her "ripping" skills

Lindsay flashes one of her famous smiles

After visiting the health centre and discussing in great detail the psychology and counseling program the team is entertained by the men in song and dance and then each team member was able to share a few encouraging words and Olivier sang some songs. All in all this was once again a fabulous experience.

Olivier entertains the men with a worship song

A final farewell as the teams prepares to depart

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