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Wayne King and the team have been very busy in Ethiopia. Here is the latest update that Wayne sent so that you can get a feel for what has been going on. Please check the links to see the latest images of what has been going on. “We arrived on Friday, March 23rd, and are [...]


Wayne King leads a new construction team to Ethiopia to build childrens homes 2 and 3. Home number 1 is almost complete and one of the finishing touches is our first toilet. Lots of concrete work is needed and we are very grateful that the price of materials has decreased in Ethiopia


Hopethiopia was honored to be invited to tour the new AU facility in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Now more than 5 times the size of the previous AU meeting centre, the new conference hall will be able to host 2,550 delegates. Ralph, Zerihun, and Shiferaw tour all the new buildings and facilities. The huge main hall [...]

Mugeni passed away around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning … we spent several hours at the hospital with Monika and Amena and all the others who gathered to support them … we left to get money to pay the remaining bills and then met at 8:00 p.m. to discuss the funeral arrangements. Olivier organized it [...]


The team was able to get an appreciation for the new orphaned children’s homes that are being built. The homes for the children and seniors will be built in clusters of 7 homes. Carrie also got the opportunity to plant her own tree on the north land that will grow for many years to come.

The next team member to visit Ethiopia after the mission experience in Rwanda was Carrie. Carrie was able to spend a few extra days with Glenda in Rwanda and then had an amazing experience ministering to some of the women in the local community as well as a very sick lady in the hospital. Carrie [...]


One of the unique adventure opportunities that Melanie, Lindsay, and Sarah got to experience was that of hiking into Wenchi crater. A volcanic crater where the hike starts at an altitude of 10,500 feet. The team dropped about 4000 feet down to the hot springs that are found just below Wenchi lake Everyone then took [...]


Some of the women after completing their mission joined Ralph over in Ethiopia to get an overview of the Hopethiopia projects. The women tour various sites seeing the effects of deforestation on the land. Many seedlings are being planted at the Hopethiopia south reforestation site. 8 species of trees are being grown and there are [...]

Finally after spending 3 weeks in Rwanda, the team arrived in Ethiopia for a few intense days of ministry and familiarization with the culture and environment. Since the Hopethiopia projects are located at the highland plateau at 8000 feet altitude everyone noticed the thinner air and with the dry season the team needed to hydrate [...]


The Women of the Hopethiopia / Rwanda “Hearts of Hope” team get to spend some time with the youn boys at the House of Hope. These young boys are being cared for in a wonderful way and it was great to meet again with the ministry leader Emmanuel. He has  a great ministry reaching out [...]