The Gift of Sight

Hopethiopia starts their first ever Eye Surgery clinic – When the mission team conducted the health clinic 2 weeks ago with Dr. Asrat, a very gifted Ethiopian ophthalmic surgeon, we identified 30 patients that would require eye surgery.  Two days ago we returned to the project community of Harbu Chulule to start the cataract and Trachoma surgeries. I had the pleasure of observing and assisting Dr. Asrat as he gave the gift of sight to 11 patients in one day. These are individuals that would normally never have the chance to have their sight restored Over the next few days individuals will have bandages taken off and we hope to bring a few stories of what happens.

Dr. Asrat performs cataract and Trachoma surgeries on remote rural Harbu Chulule individuals

Dr. Asrat will perform at least 30 surgeries over 3 days of work at the clinic. Due to a total power outage in the area he was able to use Dr. Ralph's surgical operating light.

Patients eagerly wait for their chance to have the eyesight restored.

One of the elderly ladies that was waiting for her chance to see well again. She was praying blessings on us even before we started.

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