Update from Ethiopia Dec 2011

The last week in Ethiopia was a very busy one. Here are some of the highlights to let you know what we were up to.

  • A few weeks ago the foundation was completed for the brick building facility. These bricks will be used to build the many orphaned children homes, our volunteer and mission centre, and the many other project facilities that will be required. The last few days we started the shelter construction which should be completed within a few days. Once this is done and we establish a power supply the machinery can be installed and training started for our local brick building team.
  • Water well evaluation – the tests on the water capacity have now been completed and we are in the process of constructing the water tower and solar power supply, as well as purchasing the pump. The well drillers finished the well with a concrete form ready for the pump. The water analysis will be soon completed and that will give us an idea on the water purity and if there are any concerns.
  • Reforestation project – we have done some upgrading of out reforestation sites and are now ready to a least double the production of seedlings for the coming year. Last year we planted 4 species of trees and this year we will plant at least 8 species of indigenous trees as well as try growing fruit trees and coffee.
  • Agriculture – we had the opportunity to visit Genesis farms, east of Addis Ababa, a learn form their vast experience and knowledge in the area of agriculture. We plan to send some of out local teams and workers to train there and gain experience for our project site.
  • Orphan house construction – this has continued to the stage that we now have to wait for the doors and windows to be delivered. We are also planning out the septic system for the cluster of homes. The people from the community are all very interested to see the new technique of constructing a home.
  • Eye surgery clinic – When the mission team conducted the health clinic 2 weeks ago with Dr. Asrat, a very gifted Ethiopian ophthalmic surgeon, we identified 30 patients that would require eye surgery.  Two days ago we returned to the project community of Harbu Chulule to start the cataract and Trachoma surgeries. I had the pleasure of observing and assisting Dr. Asrat as he gave the gift of sight to 11 patients in one day. These are individuals that would normally never have the chance to have their sight restored Over the next few days individuals will have bandages taken off and we hope to bring a few stories of what happens.

In all the last month has been incredibly productive in both Ethiopia and the lives of our mission team have been changed forever. Lots has been accomplished and there is much still yet to do. Please check out images of the updates on Hopethiopia Facebook as well as on Hope News.


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