Health and Construction team Nov 2011 Ethiopia

I am once again back in Ethiopia and arrived this last Sunday. I will be joined by Glenda and the rest of the mission team on this coming Sunday and we will be very busy both in Ethiopia and Rwanda. The focus in Ethiopia will be two fold: 1. There will be a building project where we will finally start building the orphan homes  and work on techniques of new foundation design as well as follow up on the brick building facility and how to incorporate solar energy etc. 2. A health care outreach project where we will do community based outreach as well as do some teaching to the local health care practitioners.

In Rwanda we will be working with our local partners in community based outreach projects to assist children’s and young adult ministries.  The team will be very busy until Dec 4th.

To summarize some of what has happened already while I have been in Ethiopia here are a few details:

Sunday Nov 13

Spoke at a church about Faith. Pastor We have connected with pastor Joseph in the past and he and his community have a real heart to reach out to the inner city poor and the handicapped individuals. I also conducted some vision planning meetings with our Ethiopian teams and did some interviews as well.

Monday Nov 14

I was in Addis Ababa all day and spent a lot of time with the Selam Technical centre and Selam Children’s village. Much of the time was based around the building project as well developing the plans for our orphan project. They were very helpful and we made much progress.  I then spent time with the leaders of the scouting movement to make plans for a Jamboree next summer as well as how to start up our own scouting troop at our project site in Harbu Chulule. We made lots of progress and the are a very enthusiastic group of individuals.  I then had meetings at the Canadian embassy with the CIDA reps as well as with the director of trade and Foreign Affairs. The embassy is located on a very beautiful piece of property in Addis and they are always very helpful when I meet with them. I then went to visit with Melaku’s (one of our founder’s) parents-in-law and had a great time with them. I then conducted some interviews for prospective employees. After that I went to work on some emails and bumped into Pastor Phil Nordin of Calgary and spent some time with him discussing projects in Ethiopia. We had a great time and it is always encouraging to bump into friends in foreign lands.

Tuesday Nov 15

On our way out of Addis we stopped by our head office to see the progress that has been made in setting it up. Derartu, our secretary has done a wonderful job and things are really taking shape. We then travelled to our project site in Harbu Chulule which is about 100km SW of Addis. Here we met with the regional administration to give them an update on our projects and then had a large town hall meeting where 50 representative members of the community were able to attend. I brought them up to date on our plans and projects and we really enjoyed the experience. They are all very excited about the future and the prospect of seeing the mission team arrive next week. After that we did some work at the reforestation site and spent time encouraging the workers. They are making great progress and setting up the nurseries for our second season. Then we went out to the project site to see what has been going on with the construction of the Brick building facility as well as the new orphan homes. Great progress has been made although there are always unforeseen challenges that must be dealt with. I will send a more detailed update later on once we have spent some time there on Wed Nov 16th.

Much of what we are doing is setting the stage for many of the upcoming projects as well as preparing for the mission team that will arrive.


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