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The Building team has been able to start work on the very first Childrens home. The home is being built using Hydraform interlocking bricks, a dry stacking technique that is quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive. The whole community joined in the project and was so excited to see the walls going up. This first home [...]

Lots has been happening in Rwanda with mission team members that have been coming and going. Our original team that was in Ethiopia travelled over to Kigali, Rwanda to participate in a variety of projects. Here is a summary of some of the things that they participated in: A roof extension building project at Tubahumarize [...]


Great news as Hopethiopia has finally drilled the first water well and successfully pumped clear precious water  that is a great gift to the community. Their was great joy as we experienced water flowing at a huge rate of 4 liters per second.

having an excellent time. The weather for the most part was very dry in Ethiopia with high altitude conditions and warm winds. In Rwanda it has also been warm but very humid with mid day rains. This update will give you an idea of some of the things that happened during the latter part of [...]

Here is the next update on what is going on in Ethiopia. Once again it has been busy but very rewarding. I have spent time again in Addis Ababa with many organizational meetings etc. but also out at our project sites in Harbu Chulule.. Everyone in the small town is very excited with what is [...]

I am once again back in Ethiopia and arrived this last Sunday. I will be joined by Glenda and the rest of the mission team on this coming Sunday and we will be very busy both in Ethiopia and Rwanda. The focus in Ethiopia will be two fold: 1. There will be a building project [...]


Hopethiopia has just learned that it has officially received International NGO status in Rwanda. This marks an important milestone for Hopethiopia as it is now able to launch initiatives, projects, and partnerships in Rwanda. Mission teams will soon be leaving for Rwanda to come alongside ministries and provide encouragement and resources.

Van Ginkel 011

Hopethiopia is very glad to share this beautiful charity calendar with the world. Painted Pony Petroleum of Calgary , Canada, in association with extraordinary artist Paul Van Ginkel, have produced a beautiful Charity calendar with all proceeds of donations going to Hopethiopia. To find out how to donate funds to receive a calendar please contact [...]