Hopethiopia Education team visits Ethiopia

In August of 2011 an Education team from Calgary, Canada visited the hopethiopia project sites in Ethiopia to work with local elementary and High school teachers.

Team arrives in Ethiopia

The team arrived in Ethiopia to conduct an “Education conference” so that ideas could be shared with Canadian and Ethiopian educators.

The conference was held at Negash Lodge in Wolisso, Ethiopia

The teachers used creative techniques to expand the perspectives of the educators attending the conference

Music played an important role

A variety of creative thinking ideas were used and there was much room for collaborative discussion and interaction.

Lots of time for building relationships.

Teachers were active participants and engaged in their activities.

There was lots of time for collaborative interaction with the teachers mixed with questions about culture, family, classroom facilities, and how to work with and inspire students.

Lots of mentoring ocurred.

The team participated in team building exercizes that were fun and educational.

Names of the participants written out for all to see.

Report out of the teams were an important way to collaborate and share information with the group.

New techniques for presenting idea's were shared with the team to expand the ways that teaching can be done.

All particpants were encoraged to lead and present idea's

Friendships were built during the conference.

Lots of time for fun during the evening hours.

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