CCMS Softball tournament

This past weekend Hopethiopia entered a team in the CCMS softball tournament. The team played 5 games on Saturday and an immense amount of fun was had by all. Thanks to the leadership of Brant and the participation of all, the event was a great success. While the team was playing, Gerald, Judy, and “the Girls” did an amazing job of setting up and taking care of the activities area. They brought balloons, bubbles, face paints and other painting, a bouncing center, and speed trials for a pitching contest. The day was beautiful and fun was had by all.

Activity center at the softball tournament.

The Hopethiopia Softball team

CCMS (Calgary Christian Mixed Slow Pitch) is doing a great job in supporting the projects and activities of Hopethiopia  To check out more info about CCMS and their activities go to

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