Special day in Hopethiopia history

Wow!! Today is truly a great day in the history. We actually made mobile phone contact with Melaku while he was at the north site reforestation and container site.  He was just a shocked as we were. That has never happened before and shows that improvements are being made in Harbu Chulule. The communications tower was constructed a while ago but only activated about 3 months ago.

This will help us and the people of the community immensely as we can finally connect with team members, our staff, and people in the town directly. In the attached photo check out the tower in the background behind the high school students.  Who knows with all the computers and equipment that Hopethiopia has been able to provide the school maybe they will be able to open up grades 11 and 12 and even get internet connection.

At the Hopethiopia "Awards of Hope" ceremony students eagerly await the annoncement of the recipients of the excellence in academic achievment and excellence in community service awards. In the background of the picture notice the communication tower.

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