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This past weekend Hopethiopia entered a team in the CCMS softball tournament. The team played 5 games on Saturday and an immense amount of fun was had by all. Thanks to the leadership of Brant and the participation of all, the event was a great success. While the team was playing, Gerald, Judy, and “the [...]


As the Education team leaves the area of Harbu Chulule, some major initiatives will continue at the Hopethiopia project site of Harbu Chulule.  If the weather hangs in then the water well will be drilled today and a large reforestation initiative will begin.

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Part of the Education team Ethiopia experience will be to learn about the beautiful country of Ethiopia. Some of the sites that they will be seeing will include the “Rock hewn churches of Lalibella and other historic sites that date back more than 1000 years ago


Wow!! Today is truly a great day in the history. We actually made mobile phone contact with Melaku while he was at the north site reforestation and container site.  He was just a shocked as we were. That has never happened before and shows that improvements are being made in Harbu Chulule. The communications tower [...]

High School

The 2011 Canadian Education team has started their project work in SW Ethiopia. Located 100 km SW of the capital city of Addis Ababa, the small rural community of Harbu Chulule is home the the Hopethiopia project lands. The Education team spent their day on site visiting the High school, the elementary school, and interacting [...]