Christmas Giving Opportunity

Gifts of Hope

Dear friends, supporters, and encouragers of Hopethiopia,
This is the Christmas season and a time of great generosity It is incredible the inroads that we have been able to make in Ethiopia over this last year by providing some very basic assistance and most importantly by just loving the community and people.

We were able to send a couple of larger mission teams to help out by:

  • Working with the students of the elementary and high schools and provide leadership training, do a sports camp, paint the high school, set up libraries, purchase computers, start up the scholarships of hope program for academic and community excellence, as well as many other projects.
  • Bring a large health care team to provide; medical, dental, nursing, and dental hygiene services. This was the first time that such an opportunity has ever happened for the local community of Harbu Chullule and it was an incredible experience. Hundreds of people benefited from the services and we were even able to get some cataract surgeries done to restore the site of some of the seniors.
  • Start up our north and south site reforestation nurseries. The sites have been prepared and trees were planted. Many workers were employed and in the new year a much bigger effort will take place as we plan to grow more than 500,000 seedlings.

Many other projects were initiated and we are extremely thankful for all of your support and encouragement to make this a reality. It is amazing how so little money can make a great difference. For example: $10.00 can buy 100 seedlings, $20.00 can heal vision through cataract surgery, $25.00 can buy 50 bricks to help build a home or school.

Would you please consider supporting Hopethiopia by giving a “Gift of Hope” this Christmas and blessing a life and a community. Donations can be made through our partner giving portal at or by going to our donate button on the website at Also please consider sending this invitation on to others that you might think appropriate.

Check out our latest posted video of the health care team at

Also look at some of the beautiful images on our photoblog

We wish you and your families all the very best this Christmas and health and happiness for the New Year.

The team of Hopethiopia

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