Paint Brushes & Sports Camp

The community mission team in Ethiopia is right on schedule and having the time of their lives!  The team asked a group of locals for their assistance in painting the town high school of Harbu Chulule.  This was a huge step forward as the team was able to connect with town members all day long, building strong relationships while working for a common goal… future education!  Once a number of new equipment (books, computers, pencils, etc.) arrive, the school can expand it’s reach by offering grade 11 (currently stops at grade 10) to it’s surrounding community.

Continuing the painting efforts, the Ralph, Glenda, their team, and a few devout volunteers repainted the village medical facility.  It’s astonishing how much life a fresh coat of paint can bring.

With stiff bodies, the team decided to host a sports camp for the children of Harbu Chulule.  Around a hundred kids came to this event, which ended up turning into a bit of a sports party!  Kids were everywhere, their parents confused why a group of Canadians were serving their children but by the end of the day, everyone was wearing smiles.

The community team describes these children as “the glimmer of HOPE for Harbu Chulule” and were incredibly blessed to spend short yet precious moments with them.

On behalf of everyone part of the community missions team, thank you for your continued support and prayers.

(Check back soon for pictures of these events)

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  1. eva 11 years ago   Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I can’t wait to hear more from the team.

  2. hopethiopia 11 years ago   Reply

    You’re welcome! We’ll post a number of new pictures and videos after the team gets back.

  3. kori sinanan 11 years ago   Reply

    Praise God! We here will continue to pray for you and the team. Blessings as you serve..

  4. Yared 11 years ago   Reply

    I am happy to see what you are doing in Ethiopia. May God richly bless you!

  5. hopethiopia 11 years ago   Reply

    Thank you Yared and to FBI Church.

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