FBI church Bole

While visiting Ethiopia the mission team takes time to drive back to Addis to participate in a church service at the Faith Bible International church. Only open for a couple of months the church now has more than 1000 people attending.

Matt shares his testimony at the church service with excellent translation being done by Dr. Birhanu

Pastor Yared and his family, of the FBI Bole church, join the team for lunch.

Located directly across from the international airport, FBI church is situated in the heart of Addis Ababa

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  1. alex 13 years ago   Reply

    The church name is not Ethiopian by its nature. I would like to comment you change the name. FBI is named as another organization nothing to do with religious activities.There objective is also totally different. I don’t know how you chose such a name in the first place. It is really disgusting for a nation having a great culture and identity.

    • admin 13 years ago   Reply

      Thank you for your comments but may we suggest this is not the proper forum to continue this discussion. If you wish to contact FBI church, feel free to do so through their website’s contact page: http://www.fbichurches.com/contact-us/

  2. yafet jes fay 11 years ago   Reply

    wow u guys so awesome.i luv being tht church.GBU all.

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