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Hello again, friends and family of HOPEthiopia!

Having spoke with the team last night, I am please to inform you that they are alive and well, and having a blast!  Thus far, they have reforested several plots of land, conducted a workshop at a local high school (with more than 100 participants!), and painted several local facilities.  They are absolutely loving the country of Ethiopia; it truly is one of the earth’s greatest (and oldest!) treasures.
As you know, one of the primary goals of this trip was to really get to know the people living in and around the town of Harbu Chulule.  Well, the team is well on their way to achieving this goal!  By organizing afternoon sports like volleyball and soccer, the community is coming together to play, and talk about important issues.  Of course, the natural athleticism of the Ethiopian people means that there is rarely a “win” for team Canada…mixed teams seem to be the way to go. :)
Another tremendous success is that of the bond that the team has formed; in their own words “our team ROCKS!”  This is something to be hugely thankful for as it will allow them to be effective as they work (and play!) in Ethiopia.  I have been told that their strengths and talents complement one another perfectly; it is as though their team has been knit together for a reason bigger than themselves as individuals…
So thank you all for your support and for your prayers; you are a big part of this team, even though you may not be present in Ethiopia.  Perhaps one day you and I can join them there.
~ Jennifer Kohlhammer ~
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